One of her latest lovers has defined this way: "It's the most romantic place in the world, but it's even better when there is none around." The joke by Woody Allen describes all the wonders that Venice is able to give its visitors, prompting an immediate and singular passion for beauty which is at the same time ancient and profoundly original.

The city is spread over 118 small islands, connected by over 350 bridges and separated by 177 little channels and canals: a unique urban structure that houses a harmony of works of art and monuments from different historical periods.

From the Gothic facade of the Doge's Palace to the Baroque mystery of the Bridge of Sighs, from the Byzantine mosaics and domes of the Basilica of Saint Mark's Square to the regal arches of the Rialto Bridge, suspended above the gondolas and the water buses traveling on the Grand Canal. For the walking visitor the surprises are hidden in every architectural corner, including the streets, the squares, the courtyards and the sotoporteghi.

Venice also has a large number of cultural events and activities of strong appeal and value, such as the famous Carnival, the Biennale of Contemporary Art, the traditional Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics and the Venice International Film Festival.

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